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Propane Stoves

Fireplaces and other hearth products are now found in almost 65 percent of all new homes (Hearth, Patio, Barbecue Association). Here is why so many keep the home fires burning with Propane. Installation is handled by a professional and requires very little preparation work on the part of the homeowner. Propane gas stoves and fireplaces generate heat quickly and can provide either radiant or convective heat transfer throughout a home. Remote control and thermostat operations can automate the control and flame size of the propane gas fireplace or stove so that a home can be heated without the monitoring needed for ideal operation of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Because pressurized gas stored in tanks flows easily, there is none of the inconvenience associated with moving fuel around Propane is available virtually everywhere, while natural gas is limited to municipal distribution grids

Propane stoves are for space heating

A Propane stove or fireplace is one of the most versatile space heaters on the market today, providing some of the most flexible direct vent installation possibilities. It is a perfect addition to any space used most in the home. Realistic looking wood and coal log sets are beautiful to look at and give you the warmth and ambience of a wood fire but with the simplicity of flicking a switch. These units can be thermostatically controlled and require no electricity, so they are a wonderful back up systems for pesky power outages. The operation of a propane unit as an add on system can be a great addition to any room in the home creating a more inviting and intimate environment.
Benefits of Burning Propane

No visible emissions; convenient and instantaneous fire; enjoyable and penetrating radiant heat; thermostatically- controlled heat; installation flexibility; realistic “wood like” flames, require no electricity.
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