We have a great selection of furniture, fire tables, outdoor fireplaces, garden decor, gazing balls, wrought iron products and more.


Tired of scraping, painting, reinforcing and moving around your existing lawn furniture? Investing in maintenance free options will solve that!

Our Berlin Gardens line pairs advanced machinery with traditional methods and skills handed down through generations. From hidden fasteners to sleeker-lined chairs, they’re constantly improving our design. At Berlin Gardens, quality means consistency. To the customer, this means holes line up for easy assembly, all components are hand-routed for exceptional smoothness and little details are not missed.

Beaver Springs offers a diverse line of artfully crafted furniture. Constructed from recycled plastic with a smooth finish, stainless steel hardware, and a variety of color options to choose from, this furniture is designed to last a lifetime.  The resin used is high density polyethylene (HDPE) also known as puck board, the same material as would be found on hockey arena boards. It has extremely high impact resistance. These finely crafted colorful pieces of furniture have been tested in extreme weather conditions to ensure years of worry-free comfort.





Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor patio table or fireplaces is a great way to extend your outdoor living season. With Napoleon’s collection of modern and functional outdoor heating options, you can continue to enjoy life outdoors, even as the temperatures dip. Some models also come with a matching burner cover to increase your entertaining area when not burning.


Most models burn propane so they are quick to light and safe to use on your deck or patio.



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