At Country Stoves and Sunrooms, we love the crackle and warmth of a real wood fire. We are true wood burners at heart, we are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the best location, brand and model for your home. We are WETT certified, and quality, service and safety are our top priority.

In fact everyone on our team has a woodstove installed in their home, so we understand the benefits of supplementing your heating with a quality wood stove or fireplace or insert.

Wood stoves are space heaters, so when locating your stove or fireplace, we always recommend locating it in your primary living space, if you spend all your family time in your living room, then that would be the obvious choice.

If centrally located, many homeowners are able to heat a good portion of their home, this of course is a very affordable way to heat both cozy, and comfortable in addition gives you independence from the power and oil companies. Plus when your power goes off, you have the peace of mind that your family will stay safe and warm. We have a vast selection of freestanding steel, cast iron, and enamel stoves on display, as well as ultra-contemporary and traditional wood burning cook stoves.

Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplaces

Zero Clearance wood burning fireplaces offer a great choice for a new construction or renovation. They are essentially an insulated woodstove that you can install against a wall and decorate any way you like. These are a great space saving option for a new home, many models offer a central heating option that you can tie into your existing ductwork. They can have the look of a traditional wood burning fireplace, with the added efficiency of a new woodstove.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are a retrofit to your existing drafty, smoky fireplace. They provide an efficient option to use your fireplace on a regular basis, while giving you long burn times, much more heat, and a nice area to view the fire.

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